Enviro Mist- Dew Grip
Enviro Mist- Dew Grip
Enviro Grip

Enviro Mist- Dew Grip

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✔️Vegan friendly
✔️Not tested on animals
✔️50 cents to charity
✔️Unique formula
Compostable mailing bag

Is dry skin limiting your performance?
Our Enviro Mist formula creates a dew on the skin similar to a light sweat dewiness. This is perfect if your body needs some additional grip especially on dry and slippery areas. Best applied to the body rather than hands. (Use Enviro Grip on hands and body). The formula takes a minute or two to activate, and after 5 minutes you'll notice a significant difference to your grip on the pole. 

Thank you!

When you purchase Enviro Mist you're also contributing towards conserving our environment! 50 cents from every bottle goes straight to charities who work to conserve our planet.



How do I use Enviro Mist?

Spray onto clean dry skin. Rub legs or body parts together to begin activating. After 1-2 minutes the grip will start to become dewy. After 5 minutes it will be fully activated.

Can I use enviro mist on my hands?

Enviro Mist is best applied to the body rather than the hands. However, everyone is different and it may work well for some but the product is designed for use on the body.

What are the contents/ingredients of enviro mist?

H2O, Vegetable Glycerine, Euxyl 9010, Caprylyl Glycol..

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