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You can reach us via e-mail at, you can also use the messenger chat that is set up on the website.



We offer world wide shipping! We strive to bring you a great customer experience so most of our orders ship within 24 hours of purchase. The only exception is if you place a custom order, a wholesale order or if we are traveling for an event.

Shipping prices vary and are calculated by weight.

Shipping within the US can cost anywhere between $3.65 and $11.95 - Free shipping is offered for sales over $50.00

International shipping can cost anywhere between $8.95 and $25.95 for larger orders. In order to try and keep the costs down for our international orders we are paying a portion of your shipping cost. Example we just packed a 4 oz order for Australia. The client paid $10.95 for shipping, the actual cost to ship the order was $14.54.